Thembi Ngubane was born on April 19 1984. She lived in a township called Khayelitsha outside Cape Town in South Africa.
Having been diagnosed with HIV at a young age, Thembi decided to take a positive stand against the stigma often connected with HIV and AIDS. She challenged the narrow-minded way of thinking of people all over the world.
Thembi was asked to keep an audio diary of her story and, essentially, her existence with the disease, for a national public radio station in the United States. She later travelled extensively around her own country, as well as The United States, visiting high schools, colleges, clinics and community centers to share her story, THEMBIS AIDS DIARY.
Her voice was heard around the World. She touched hearts and changed attitudes among communities everywhere. Thembi shared her story honestly and from the heart, enlightening people of all ages about safe sex, Aids treatments and having strength, perseverance and a positive attitude in an increasingly harsh and judgmental society.
Thembi died on June 5th 2009. She was 24.
She leaves behind her inspirational legacy a, loving family, boyfriend Melikhaya and beautiful daughter Onwabo.
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